5000l Basic Rainwater harvesting system

This system is very basic. I will harvest water off a +150sqm roof and will be exclusively used for watering the garden and filling your pool. It does not contain any pressurized pump.

Key components:

  1. One round 5000l rainwater tanks situated near or at the gutter down-pipes.

  2. Good solid hard surface/platform

  3. One 110mm down-pipes from the gutters

  4. One inline primary WISY RS110 rainwater filter. The filter will be mounted in the down-pipe from the gutter. The inline filter fits onto the 110mm down-pipe and effectively screen and harvest the rainwater. These inline primary rainwater filters screen out any organic material greater than 280 microns. It ensures that the rainwater tank is kept clean with minimal sludge buildup in the tank, thus improving the water quality and reducing the cleaning frequency of the tank (you would only have to clean the tank once every 5 years). The correct installation of the RS110 inline filter does not require the installation of an tank overflow. If the tank is full the water will simply bypass the filter and run in the down-pipe onto the ground.  

  5. Tank level gauge so you can see the water level in the tank

  6. Outlet valve with a hose fitting

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