Backup water system for office block

Our company design, supply and install commercial and industrial backup water systems - ranging from 250 liter system for coffee shops and dentists to 1 000 000l systems for large factories. Office blocks and factories cannot function without water and therefore it is essential that backup water systems are available in case of municipal water interruptions

 We supply two types of systems

  1. Idle mode systems - these systems essentially only kick in as emergency supply when the municipal supply is interrupted. It has a water tank that is always full and tops up again after the municipal supply is restored. Sometimes the pump is sized to supply water to just all the essential services that require water. These systems are often found in areas like cold-rooms where maintaining the temperature is critical and water to the cooling towers is a critical component to keeping the cold-room operational.
  2. Direct on line systems - these systems essentially have a tank connected to the municipal supply which act as a buffer. Connected to the tank is a pressurized water supply pump that continually supplies the property or an essential service with water.  In many instances these tanks are also connected to an alternative water supply like a borehole or a rainwater harvesting system.

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