Frequently Asked Question

How do I prevent sedimentation and build up of dirt in my rainwater tank?

The sedimentation inside tanks can never really be stopped, It can only be minimised and then managed.
The way we minimise it is:
- fit good primary filters. The ones we use filter down to 0.28mm. (WISY)
- fit a first flush system. It discards the first lot of water that has picked up all the settled dust and other muck on the roof. (This requires infrequent but regular cleaning)
- fit a calming inflow in the bottom of the tank(this can be considered a diffuser), to prevent turbulent inflow from unsettling the sediment/bio layer that inevitably forms on the bottom of the tank.
- fit a floating suction that draws the older, cleaner, top layer of water first.

If you follow these steps your rainwater tank will remain clean for many years without the need to clean and service it

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