Design of Rainwater harvesting system in CAD

We provide rainwater harvesting design solutions for industrial, municipal and residential applications.

We are specialists in the design of engineered rainwater harvesting systems and water treatment plants to meet our client’s requirements. We have specialist knowledge is in the conceptual design of rainwater harvesting systems and water treatment plants and equipment.

By integrating our knowledge at the conceptual design phase of a project we often save our clients large percentages of their  initial estimate by reducing engineering costs, water usage and pumping costs of total capital investment. See an example of a design report

Conceptaul rainwater harvesting design

As part of our services we provide clients with design advice on integrated rainwater harvesting systems when they design a building.

Here is an example of a system of a conceptual design review  that a  client has commissioned our team to do.  The house is located  within a coastal estate

Conceptual rainwater harvesting design report

A rainwater harvesting system has been the requirement of the building since conception. A 'green room' has been designed into the residence and is located in the basement level of the building. The size of the room was designed  to house up to 5 standard 5000l vertical round water tanks and other rainwater harvesting equipment. Provision has been made to route the storm water from the roofs into this room. Only rainwater falling on the roof will be harvested. This reduces the risk of contamination to the water inside the tanks.

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