Our client requested us to install a backup water system at his guesthouse in Westville, Durban, Continuous water interruptions and low water pressure was having an affect on his guesthouse occupancy and affecting his business income.

As part of the water restriction program in Durban the Municipality has installed flow restrictors at the water mater to the property. The result is a drastic drop in water flow to a property. for bigger households it meant that if a shower water tap is opened the water pressure in other parts of the house dropped so low that water merely flowed out at a trickle from the tap.

5000l Rainwater Harvesting system

Our company was recently contracted to install a water back-up system and a non-potable rainwater harvesting system at a house in Isipingo. The client wanted the water back-up system to isolate his house from water supply interruptions and water pressure fluctuations. The client wanted a rainwater harvesting system to reduce his water consumption for his non-potable services.

BSN Medical in South Africa a multinational company recently embarked on a global green initiative with the objective of reducing their impact on the environment as well as reducing their operational costs.

WISY WFF100 underground installation

New developments in Durban require the installation of a soak-pit, soak-away  or rainwater attenuation system in order to reduce localized flooding during periods of hard rainfall. As an alternative rainwater harvesting tanks can be installed. This offsets the cost of installing a soak pit and allows the property to reduce their utility bill by harvesting rainwater.

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