backup water system for cooling towers

Our company designed and installed a water back-up system for the cooling towers of a cold storage company in the Durban South area.The water back-up system was designed for future integration with a rainwater harvesting system.

Twelve 5000 liter vertical round storage tanks make up the storage capacity of the back-up system, which will give the facility up to 24 hours back up water in peak demand.
A diaphragm valve controlled by a float switch maintains the water level inside the tanks, while a Grundfoss multi-stage centrifugal pump maintains pressure to the cooling tower’s feed water line.
Low level alarms and an SMS alert, notifying the facilities staff were installed in the system. The level alarms provide 2 hours warning before the water runs out.
A 40mm back-flow preventor valve was installed in the supply line to ensure that water within the tank system  cannot flow back into the supply network, ensuring the facility complies with legislation when it decides to integrate a rainwater harvesting system with the back-up system.
Thanks to the back-up system, the facilities cooling towers, which are critical to the facilities operation, have a secure water supply, which minimizes the risk an unreliable water supply can have to its operations.

ECS backupwater system2