Residential emergency backup water supply

Our company design and install small backup water systems which we install as a separate system or combine it with a rainwater harvesting system.

It can operate on two principles.

  1. A standby principle. A backup water supply tank is installed with a pressure pump system on standby. The moment the municipal supply is interrupted  and the pressure drops, the system automatically starts up and supplies the house or business with water until the municipal water supply has been restored. It is recommended that the water in this system is used once a month and topped up with fresh water in order t o prevent the water form going stale.
  2. Continuous water pressure boost system. Due to the ongoing water supply problems many municipalities have reduced the water supply pressure to households. This system has an intermediate tank which is supplied form the low pressure  municipal supply. From the tank we install a booster pump system that boost the pressure to the property with our special energy efficient booster system. As water is used from the tank it is filled again by the low pressure municipal water supply

It is recommended that at a minimum reserve capacity of 2-3 days be installed. This system is perfect for household and companies where water supply is critical, like the hospitality industry where guest cannot be inconvenienced due to the lack of water while on holiday or business.