Deluxe rainwater harvesting system

Our Deluxe system is recognized as the world standard for treatment of rainwater for the use as drinking water. It has a 3 step rainwater treatment and water purification process. These 3 steps ensure that the water coming from a rainwater system system is clear, contains no visible particles, no chemicals and has been sanitized of all possible bacteria and harmful micro-organisms. 

The treatment steps are:

Step 1 – Flushing and cleaning.

Filtration begins with the collection of rainwater. Using our system all debris, leaves and small particles are removed before it enters the system. A primary rainwater filter - like an inline collector or a vortex filter screen out the debris before it enters the tank. The vortex filter also acts as a first flush allowing the first amount of roof water to pass before it starts collecting rainwater for the tank. This ensures that the storage system remains clean and oxygenated. Any small amount of debris that goes into the storage tank becomes part of the bio-layer that settles to the bottom. Supplying it with fresh oxygenated water (special inflow system) ensures that it is broken down effectively without leaving any taste in the water. Our inflow system ensures that the bio-layer is not disturbed and that it works effectively.

Wisy Downpipe filter

Step two - Filtration of the water under pressure.

Our pump floating suction system ensures that the bio-layer is not disturbed and pumps clear fresh water to the the filtration system. The floating suction draws the rainwater from just below the surface of the water in the tank. This is the cleanest rainwater and by doing this it also ensures proper rotation of rainwater through the tank. As a precaution the floating suction has a course filter-element.

Filter cartridges remove all particles bigger than 1-5 microns  from the water so the water is completely clear and there are no visible particles in the water. After filtration the water is passed over an activated carbon filter which removes all tastes and chemicals from the water. These molecules and chemicals are absorbed by the activated carbon leaving the water clean and pure.

Waterpurification with Grundfos Frame

Step 3 – Sanitization.

After the water has been purified it can still contain bacteria or harmful micro organisms. Our sanitation process uses a process called ultraviolet sterilization. The water is passed through a system where it is exposed to a high dose of ultraviolet light. The UV light kills off any other harmful micro organism, bacteria, viruses in the water ensuring that the rainwater that you drink are safe for human consumption.