Undergorund inline rainwater recovery

We provide rainwater harvesting design solutions for industrial, municipal and residential applications. We are specialists in the design of engineered rainwater harvesting systems and water treatment plants to meet our client’s requirements. We have specialist knowledge is in the conceptual design of rainwater harvesting systems and water treatment plants and equipment.

By integrating our knowledge at the conceptual design phase of a project we often save our clients large percentages of their  initial estimate by reducing engineering costs, water usage and pumping costs of total capital investment. See an example of a design report

When providing a design and consultation service for projects we provide the following service to the client: 

  1.  Provide a conceptual evaluation for rainwater recovery system by delivering a detailed report for customer
    1. Do a complete evaluation of the rainwater recovery opportunity for the building and surrounding area based on climatic data for the area. From this evaluation the customer will be able to see the potential volume of water recovery for each option as well as possible areas for application.
    2. Advise on possible options and combination of options to maximize water recovery and ensure effective storage, as well as apply consideration to using groundwater based on borehole/seepage water data supplied by the client.
    3. Conduct a water demand analysis specific for the building occupation and the use of rainwater. We will identify the size and opportunity that exists for the installation.
    4. Pre-determination of water quality and risk assessment to minimize possible contamination with municipal water
  2.  Conduct a conceptual risk assessment for the use of rainwater within the building covering but not limited to the following areas:
    1. Cross contamination
    2. Power failure
    3. Water shortage
    4. Period of drought
    5. Corrosion
  3.  Conceptual design specifications for rainwater recovery system. (conceptual design sketches and preliminary design calculations)
    1. Water transport systems from harvested surfaces,
    2. Primary rainwater recovery filters and systems,
    3. Self cleaning and primary rainwater filtration
    4.  Minimizing of dirt and sludge build up
    5. Sizing of rainwater and groundwater storage systems.
  4. Conceptual design recommendations for
    1. Inflows volumes
    2. Overflows volumes
    3. Access for service and maintenance
    4. Cleaning and sludge removal
    5. Municipal and Groundwater top-up system,
    6. Pressurized pump system that will supply rainwater back to the building,
  5. Recommendations for type of system
    1. Considerations to be applied for elevated tanks, hydro pneumatic tanks or a booster pump system,
    2. Primary water treatment to protect sanitary ware and water fixtures,
    3. Corrosion considerations,
    4. Sizing based on estimated demand using Hunter’s Fixture unit method,
    5. Concept of operation,
    6. Location,
    7. Backflow protections system
    8. Switch-over to municipal system,
    9. Redundancy and backup considerations,
  6. Detail design
    1. Based on the conceptual approval we will do a detail design, specification and equipment recommendation for the system for all the following areas. ( In some areas we will work together with the appointed contractor and engineer incorporating current standards set for the construction of the building)
    2. Combined water transport system to rainwater storage tanks,
    3. Primary rainwater water filtration systems, sizing, design and recommended installation,
    4. Storage tanks sizing and design recommendations for civil engineer,
    5. Specification of pre-manufactured storage tanks or constructed tanks,
    6. Storage tank inflow systems sizing and design,
    7. Groundwater recovery system and municipal water top up system
    8. Calculation of water demand for rainwater applications in building and sizing specifications of header pipe work to supply the various fixtures,
    9. Design and specification of water pipe network for rainwater applications (note we will specify the header supply system and fittings but the internal building piping design has been excluded)
    10. Pump system to supply header/downpipe with water based on demand calculation,
    11. Primary water treatment and filtration system,
    12. Specifications for the labeling of non potable water network based on conducted risk assessment,
  7.  Procurement
    1. Based on the design we will write specifications and tender documents for procurement of:
      1. Primary rainwater filtration equipment
      2. Tank Inflow systems,
      3. Pump systems,
      4. Filtration and primary water treatment system,
      5. Flow equipment incorporating, pipes, valves, backflow systems to transport water to various applications,
      6. Installation
  8. When  a contractor and engineer have been appointed for the project, we will work with the companies/individuals to specify installation standards/drawings and visit the site to review progress a against installation standards.
  9. Commissioning
    1. On completion of installation we will conduct dry and wet commissioning of the rainwater system to ensure that the system performs against agreed specifications sett in the detail design. We will conduct water quality tests monthly for six months after installation and commissioning and monitor system performance.
  10. Operational training and system manual
    1. We will provie a detailed operation and system maintenance manual for building management services.
    2. 1 day on site training in operational procedures and maintenance of the system during handover.

Consultation and design fees are charged for:

  •  Conceptual evaluation and report
  •  Conceptual design with architects and engineers
  • Detail design and tender specifications
  • Procurement programme
  • Installation visits 
  • Commissioning and testing
  • Operational training and maintenance manuals