We have had many questions from  DIY'ers asking if they can do their own installations. Anybody can do their own installation and there are many DIY pumps and kits in your local hardware store. With all the various parameters to consider, it does become a little complex and we have found that even a few plumbers struggle. Doing your homework upfront with a proper design and sizing of the system can save you a lot of money and effort  afterwards.  

If you want to install a system that feeds into your household water supply it becomes a little more complex , and we would advise that you get professional advise and guidance on sizing a system. You also have to comply with SANS and Municipal bylaw requirements so we would advise DIY'ers to get expert installation support.

We offer a remote advise and design service. Contact us to give an overview of what you want to do. We have a set questionnaire we will send you and based on that we will recommend components, pumps, filters and give you a setup and flow diagram. 

You can also shop at our online shop to purchase the various components that will help you install a good system.

Flowdiagram above ground potable system for 500sqm

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