The Durban Metro have proposed the following water price increase effective 1 July 2015

Residential increase - 9.5%

Business increase  - 12.5%

With the price of electricity increasing well above inflation businesses and households will again end up paying above inflationary increases for utilities. The option of using rainwater harvesting as an alternative source of water supply is becoming a more feasible option.

Our company are approached on a daily basis by small to medium bsuinesses looking for oppertunities to save water. This  ranges from washing helicopters to flushing toilets. In some remote industrail areas around Durban the  the water supply has become so unreliable that rainwater has become the main source of water on industrial premises.

The Ethikwini metero are curretly losing about 35% of the water in their distribution network to leaks and illegal connections. As the demand for water increase the problem becomes greater.  The recent dry summer season has also put the water reserves for Durban under pressure.

The Ballito area in particular are experiencing major problems. The Hazelmere dam is too small to cope with the growth in water demand in the area and the recent drought has exposed shortcomings in the long term planning of water supply to the Ballito area.

Many new developments in the Ballito area now require well designed rainwater systems and our company has installed numerous successfull residential systems in the new housing estates around Ballito


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