From 1 July 2014 Durban businesses will pay 15% more for water than in 2013. Water prices for businesses and factories have thus increased from R11.23/Kl in 2013 to R14.44/kl in 2015 - an increase of 28% over the last two years. 

Household water prices were only increased by 5.6% but households have also seen a 15% increase in the price of water over a two year period since 2013. 

It is clear that the Metro is focussing on generating more income from their industrial user base who in many instances are the biggest consumers of water. The problem though is that these increases will eventualy find its way into products and services.

The benefit is that these increased water prices will start focussing business' attention to water conservationa and the re-use of treated water. 

For smaller businesses with lower water consuption it will benefit them  to start looking at harvesting rainwater to reduce their water bills. 

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