Water tanks and gauge on Deluxe system

One of our domestic clients recently indicated to us that he had harvested 163 000 litres of water over a 12 month period. His house is situated in Durban and we installed a small deluxe system with two 5000l water tanks recovering water of a 150 square meter roof.
It was calculated that he had saved approximately R4500 in water and sewerage charges over this period. By utilising the rainwater he had reduced his monthly consumption and because the EThekwini Metro has a sliding tariff for water (rate per litre of water is higher if you use more), his net water cost reduced significantly.
During the past year there were 2 major water interruptions in his area and in both instances his household had water available in the tanks over those periods
System installation cost was R29000 – thus a straight-line payback of 6.4 years. If you have take into consideration that water price increase will be 3% higher than inflation in the next 10 years the system will pay it back over approximately 5.8 years.





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