The term greywater refers to wash water (i.e non toilet water) coming from washing applications (showers, washbasins, car-washing areas etc.)  

As water becomes more costly recycling of greywater for flushing of toilets, use in irrigation and other washing applications become more feasible. Specially in industries and businesses that use water as a cleaning medium. Car wash operations are a very good example.

By installing a greywater treatment system,  the used wash water is collected, treated cleaned, sanitized and recycled back into the wash water supply. In some instances recovery rates can be as high as 90% which can result in significant savings to the business.

A combination of rainwater harvesting and greywater treatment can save a lot of money!

If you are interested in a greywater treatment plant contact us. We will do a quick cost benefit model and advise you on a greywater treatment system.


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