Zimbali Rainwater purification system

Our company was  commissioned  to design and install a rainwater harvesting system in one of the luxury homes  in Zimbali Eco estate, Ballito.  The design was completed in the early stages of the development and our team worked with the architects, project managers and plumbing contractors to produce rainwater harvesting system tailored to the households needs. The system was designed to fit into the cellar of the new house.

Water from the roof of the building is fed into a Wisy® WFF150 vortex filter where after it feeds into the first of two 5000 liter water tanks. A Wisy smoothing inlet, surface skimming overflow and floating suction are also used in the installation.The rainwater harvesting system is combined with a municipal back-up system to ensure that the water interruptions and pressure reductions do not affect this home.A Grundfos® CMBE3-62 multistage constant pressure pump supplies water to the household via a frame mounted filter set, ensuring all water has been treated and sterilized. The pump also supplies unfiltered water to the irrigation system.A backflow preventer valve was installed in the water supply line, to comply with estate rules and current legislation.

Zimbali leadwood system

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