This system is more complex than the basic system and has a pressurized pump and control system together with a municipal backup water system.

This example will harvest water off a 250sqm roof. Water is non potable and can be used for washing, gardening and be connected to toilets and washing machines. It also contains a switch-over backup system if the municipal supply is interrupted or if the rainwater tanks are empty.

Rainwater harvesting system to flush toilets only

We frequently get request from households or companies to convert the flushing of toilets from municipal water to rainwater.
Within the existing infrastructure of any building it is not that easy and the following need to be considered when wanting to do it.

1. A dedicated water supply need to be installed for the toilets so that rainwater can be piped from a rainwater pump. This can be complicated because generally within existing plumbing systems, water supplied to a bathroom has a single supply that will go to the basin, shower bath and toilet. If the rainwater is not potable quality a dedicated supply to the toilets need to be installed which in many instances can be quite costly.
2. There need to be a backup system for scenarios of low rainfall. If there is no water in the rainwater tank the toilets must still be able to flush, which requires a municipal connection. This in turn can be problematic because just a simple switch-over valve can result in potential contamination of municipal water with non-potable rainwater. There should always be a physical air gap between these two water sources. It requires the design of a separation system or the installation of a back-flow prevention valve.

It is therefore much easier to design a system on the outset of planning the plumbing of a new house. The other alternative is to purify all rainwater to the house to potable standard which will not require any major plumbing alterations. Our DELUXE system is ideal for this

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