Raincell Rainwater system in Durban

Our company was commissioned to design and install a rainwater harvesting system for a new house in Hillcrest. We worked with the client and his gutter contractor from early in the construction process.The result is a very well designed  integrated system

that gives the client 10 000 liters of rain-harvesting capacity and 3000 litres of municipal back-up water capacity.

Wisy's RS110 down-pipe filters will ensure only the cleanest water will enter the tanks as it screens our any particles bigger that 250 micron. It acts as a first flush system and is also self cleaning.  Raincell Slimline tanks were used and all piping connecting the tanks and filters were routed underground making for a very aesthetically pleasing installation.

Our standard rainwater  filtration unit provides clean potable water to the whole household at full design pressure. This client thus won't have to worry about flow restrictions or poor  water quality when he moves into his new home.

A reduced pressure back-flow preventer valve was installed in the incoming municipal water supply to the house that will prevent any back-flow of the purified rainwater and ensure the house complies with municipal and building legislation .



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