Rainwater Harvesting system in Westbrook

Our company designed and installed an integrated rainwater harvesting system for a house in Westbrook. The system was integrated into the design of the house. Our client required a system that would provide potable quality rainwater as well as a backup volume of water in case of water interruptions. It was also required for the system to boost the water pressure to the house.

The system consists of two interconnected 5000l rainwater tanks that store harvested rainwater. The total roof surface of the house is used for harvesting the rainwater.  Prior to entering the tank all rainwater is filtered with a WISY primary rainwater filter. The rainwater tanks also act as backup water tanks.  If the level in the tanks drop below 10%,  a solenoid top up system tops up the tanks to ensure the tank always have water. A booster pump with a water purification unit supplies water to the property at about 4-5 bar. The system is compact and energy efficient. A backflow prevention valve isolates the water system in the property from  the municipal water connection preventing any of the property's rainwater from entering the municipal supply while allowing municipal water to enter the property safely.

Wisy rainwater filter in Westbrook

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