Use-Rainwater recently displayed their exhibition unit at a local outdoor show in Durban

The unit is a demonstration unit that circulates water through all the rainwater harvesting components. It demonstrates to customers the need for primary rainwater filters and it also shows how effective the Wisy Primary rainwater filters work.

The unit also demonstrates our 4 step water purification process that purifies rainwater to potable standard. 

Our company was commissioned to upgrade a RWHS/municipal back-up system in Mount Edgecombe.
The Wisy 4 step method was implemented to ensure the harvested rainwater was of the highest possible quality. The use of wisy's RS110 primary filters made for a very aesthetically pleasing installation while providing excellent primary filtration of the rainwater.
Activated carbon and KDF filtration as well as UV sterilization completed the treatment system.
The family can now enjoy a supply of purified rainwater and together with a backup water system the property will  not be affected by scheduled water cut's, flow restrictor or declining municipal water quality.

Wisy Downpipe rainwater filterMtEdgecomb RWHS 2

 Intergrated rainwater harvesting system

Our company installed and commissioned an integrated rainwater harvesting and grey-water system at a property in Sable Hills next to Roodeplaat dam in Pretoria. At the start of the project our engineering team worked with the architect to ensure that the system can be integrated into the design of the building. Effective analysis of the cost resulted in the design of a basement area where the rainwater harvesting tanks and purification system are situated.

Raincell Rainwater system with water purification unit

Our company designed and installed a rainwater harvesting system for a client in Otto's bluff in Pietermaritzburg.

Two 5000l rainwater tanks installed with a WISY WFF150

Our company designed and installed a rainwater harvesting system for a client in Salt-rock Ballito. Because of the severe drought and water restrictions our client decided to install a potable rainwater harvesting system to save water and reduce their consumption of municipal water.

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