WISY rainwater filter demonstration unit

Tizagenix the owner of Use-Rainwater brand has been appointed by WISY AG as the official agent for WISY rainwater harvesting equipment in Southern Africa.

Rainwater tanks below building

Our company designed and installed a rainwater harvesting system for a client in Dunkirk Estate in Ballito near Durban.

The primary objective was to design it as an effective storm-water attenuation system. At the same time the design allowed for integration into the house's water supply network where the water will be used for flushing toilets and general non potable use.

Palmtree rainwater system

Palmtree care center commissioned our company to re-organize their old rainwater tanks and install a rainwater harvesting system to supplement all washing and toilet water.

Wisy WFF150 intergrated system

Our company designed and installed an integrated rainwater system for a house in Berea in Durban.The owner of the house had demolished the previous structure and have used the existing foundations and part of the structure to design a new house.

Damwater for treatemnt

Use-rainwater recently completed a system in a housing estate where the brief was twofold.

  1. Install a system to filter and treat the dam-water and connect to the irrigation system
  2. Install a system to purify the dam-water to potable quality and replace municipal water with the treated water 

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