Rainwater harvesting equipment

We stock and supply rainwater harvesting and water treatment components. Customers range from big engineering firms, agents, and  DIY home and factory owners. With the sale of the components we provide the customer with advice on the installation, use and service of the equipment.

We are also the agents and designers for WISY AG rainwater harvesting systems in Southern Africa and stock a number of their equipment. Most of the components we sell are critical elements in the design of good rainwater harvesting systems. 

Some  critical components are listed below and can also be be purchased in our online shop --Click Here 

If you require more information on becoming a stockist of our equipment contact us for our wholesale prices.

How does a Wisy inline filter work

Primary rainwater filters are one of the most important items in your rainwater system. These filters are installed before the rainwater enters the rainwater tank. It filters out any debris bigger than 280 to 340 microns. 

Floating suction filter

The floating suction is connected to your rainwater supply pump. The suction floats just below the surface of the water in the rainwater tank. When the pump activates it withdraws the water just below the surface of the water in the rainwater tank. Technically it is the oldest water that you want to use first.

smoothing inlet for rainwater harvesting

The smoothing inlet is an all stainless steel device that fits on the 100mm or 200mm or inlet pipe in the rainwater storage storage tank. It is positioned at the bottom of the rainwater tank. It is used to prevent the agitation of sediment at bottom the rainwater tank.

Pressurized rainwater filtration and purification unit

 Using our extensive experience in the field we have developed this unit as a "plug and play” system for the purification of rainwater from a rainwater tank. This will purify harvested rooftop rainwater to potable water quality standard for any household or community. - Ideally suited for a 5-6 person household in a multistory house or for a small community with a centralized rainwater harvesting system.

Rainwater tank overflow tank protection system

Overflow protection for a rainwater tank is very important design feature. 

By using a well designed overflow system you will protect vermin and insects from entering your rainwater tank. The overflow system is installed inside the rainwater tank. In underground tanks it is a critical requirement as it also protects the tanks from any back-flow that might occur in the underground storm-water piping. 

How does an Ultraviolet rainwater sterilizer work?

The ultraviolet ray is a kind of invisible light wave to the naked eye. It exists on the outside of the purple ray on the spectra thus it is called the ultraviolet ray. The ultraviolet ray is subdivided in wave band A (UVA), wave band B (UVB), wave band C (UVC). The wave length of UVC is between 100nm to 280nm - and the most effective germicidal wave band is 253.7nm.

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