5000l rainwater tank at Palmtree centre

Palmtree care center commissioned our company to re-organize their old rainwater tanks and install a rainwater harvesting system to supplement all washing and toilet water.

The center is situated in Amanzimtoti. All water harvested is stored in rainwater tanks. The tanks have a low pressure water supply pump that supplies the washing machines and toilets on demand.

According to the center manager the center who cares for abandoned children , does about 15 batches of washing a day. The supplementing rainwater will reduce their water consumption and reduce the monthly utilities bill.  The two rainwater systems uses leaf catchers to prevent large debris from getting into the rainwater  tanks. Water is filtered after the pumps to 80 micron to prevent small particles from damaging plumbing components. 

This simple system will work for many years and continually contribute to saving water for the center.


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