Many companies and household want to reduce water consumption on the property.

There are a number of steps that need to be followed in this priority.

  1. Fix all leaking water pipes
    1. Check for leaking pipes - stop all the appliance and equipment in the property and check the water meter (make sure nobody and nothing is using water). If the meter  is still running you have an underground water leak. 25%-40% of water is lost due to leaks. Get experts to help you find and fix the leak
  2. Install low volume usage equipment and appliances
    1. Install low volume shower heads - Technology has changed the way shower-heads work. You can get the same "shower experience" with shower heads that use less water that big old shower-heads
    2. Install low volume water flush toilets and cisterns (every flush use about 20l)
  3. Change  your water usage habits
    1. All the small behavior changes add up
      1. Don't run a tap when brushing your teeth or washing a cup
      2. Wash a car using a bucket and not a hose
      3. Water gardens at night
  4. Install rainwater systems
    1. Even a basic system that replace some of the water you use around the house will help save water
  5. Install Grey water recovery systems
    1. The final and last step will be to use your grey water for watering your garden


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