WISY 4 step system diagram

WISY AG in Germany has over many years developed  a 4 step system for effective rainwater harvesting. These fours steps can be applied in residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial rainwater harvesting systems.  


Is the effective collection of rainwater. The system focus on maximizing rainwater recovery and removing organic material from the water before it enters the rainwater tank. It is self-cleaning system with a 10 year warranty. It can be installed above or below ground, within a combined supply pipe or in individual gutters or even inside the tank. It all depends on the installation design and layout. Read More 

Wisy WFF100 cut through


A Smoothing inlet prevents  the disturbance of the bio-layer and the stirring of sediment in the water. It introduced the oxygenated rainwater into the bottom of the tank improving water quality. Read More 

 Wisy Smoothing inlet


The floating suction filter connected to the rainwater supply pump ensure the discharge of the cleanest and oldest water first. It floats just below the surface of the water in the rainwater tank. Read More 

floating suction filter


The Multisyphon Overflow skims particles from the top of the water when the tank overflows resulting in improved water quality. It protects the tanks from ingress of vermin and insects. It is low maintenance and is installed inside the rainwater tank. Read More 

 Multisyphon Overflow for rainwater tank

Our company has successfully applied these principles in our rainwater installations - to the extent that within our systems rainwater quality is exceptionally good and with a purification unit it can be easily converted to potable water. 

Tizagenix is also the exclusive supplier and distributor of the Wisy equipment in Southern Africa. 

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