15000l Deluxe rainwater harvesting installation

Each house has its own specific requirement when it comes to the installation of a rainwater harvesting. Our company install three types of systems. They range from a very basic system that can be used to top up the pool of for gardening to very complex systems that harvest and treat rainwater for potable use.

We also integrate our systems with backup water and water pressure booster systems to ensure that households have backup water when there is an interruption in municipal water supply and when the water pressure in the main supply is very low.

Basic Rainwater Harvesting system.

This system is very basic. It will harvest water off a +150sqm roof and will be exclusively used for watering the garden and filling your pool. It does not contain any pressurized pump. See an example with costs here

Intermediate non potable rainwater harvesting system

This system is more complex than the basic system and has a pressurized pump and control system together with a municipal backup water system. Rainwater recovery of a roof or hard surface area is maximized. The harvested rainwater is filtered with a WISY primary filter and stored in a tank. The water will primarily be used for non-potable applications. Dedicated water supply pipes will be installed for the flushing of toilets, general washing or gardening. When the rainwater tanks are empty the supply to the applications will revert to municipal water until the rainwater tanks are topped up again.

Deluxe potable water installations

Rainwater is harvested of a house's roof. It is filtered via a primary WISY filter that screens out any piece of organic material greater that 280 micron. The filtered water is stored in a tank from where a pressurized filtration system treats it to potable water on demand. The potable water is pumped into the main water supply of the house and will supply it with water while there is water in the tanks. When the tanks empty the system will automatically switch over to the municipal water supply until it rains again and rain can be harvested.

SH RWH system seen from outside