5000l grey water tank in Scottburgh

The water tank storage market has seen some unprecedented growth in the last 5 years in South Africa.

It is not strange to now visit a company of a friend's house and find rainwater or water tanks on the premises. Some are integrated into the design of the building and others are very visible to the eye.

The water storage market is growing and it is fueled by the following factors:

  • The cost of water is rising greater that inflation. Households and businesses are looking to use alternative water sources like rainwater and borehole water which requires storage on the premises.
  • New residential developments are all required to install some form of storm-water attenuation - rainwater tank are allowed to be used to fulfill this function.
  • Due to the aging water infrastructure - reliability of supply has become problematic. This has forced many household and businesses to install backup water systems on their premises.
  • New township developments subsidized by government all specifies the installation of rainwater harvesting tanks for poor households.
  • Water recycling and treatment have attracted more focus and attention and these systems all require tanks and storage systems.



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