WISY rainwater filter components

Wisy AG have recently introduced a new rain-water filter aimed at the price conscious rain-harvesting consumer.The operating principal and design is based on the highly successful stainless steel inline rain-water filter that Wisy AG built their success on.

The filter is manufactured from UV resistant polypropylene plastic for the body and stainless steel for the filter element. The filter comes with a 10 year guarantee.
The filter is self cleaning and is virtually maintenance free. It exploits water's tendency to adhere to surfaces to drive the water through the filters vertical filter mesh. This operation is so effective that over 90% of the water flowing through the downpipe is captured. The remaining water is used to flush away the debris that collects on the household's roof. The filter can be used to filter rain-water from a surface as large as 200m2. The filter screen filters all particulates larger than 0.28mm from the rainwater, resulting in clear, odourless water.
The filter is very easy to install and requires only a section of the chosen downpipe to be cut out. The operation of the filter is such that a tank overflow does not necessarily have to be installed. The filter is simply fitted at the same height as the maximum fill level of the tank and connected to the tank by 50mm piping. This improves the aesthetics of the installation and means that water drainage at the tank site does not have to be considered in the design of the system.
The Wisy® RainCollector RS is the perfect solution for the urban rain-harvester who's looking to capture clean hassle free rain-water for gardening, laundry, toilet flushing and even drinking. See here if you want to buy one

See this Video1 and Video2 explaining how it works

RS110 rainwater filter installed

Wisy Downpipe filter