WISY our global partner recently launched the WISY AR100 inline filter. The filter has been designed on the WISY rainwater filtration principles and was extensively tested in various application before launch.

The space-saving LineAr 100 rainwater filter has been designed to specifically filter rainwater from within a rainwater tank - requiring minimal differential height. There are just five centimeters height difference between the rainwater inlet and the dirty water outlet. Thanks to this minimal height difference, the LineAr 100 rainwater filter is extremely easy to integrate into existing pipework. It can even be placed directly inside a rainwater storage tank without changing the gradient of existing piping.

WISY‘s LineAr 100 Rainwater Filter has a vertical filter mesh. Leaves, moss and other suspended particles are simply flushed past the filter into the drain outlet. This is the crucial advantage of this design over filter surfaces that are almost horizontal and become clogged with dirt very quickly. These are commonly found in other products. The pipe diameter is uniform throughout the LineAr 100 Rainwater Filter. Even a tennis ball washed off the roof by rain can pass unhindered through the filter housing.

The LineAr 100 Rainwater Filter is a rugged unit with a filter unit made of stainless steel. It has no wearing or moving parts that could impair reliable operation. We are pleased to offer a 5-year guarantee.AR100 Flush system

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